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The one from the summer favorites: people


Friends come to Prague

(in order of appearance)

Max and Mary
Marisa and Sac


The one from the summer favorites: Berlin


The hottest three days in Europe
Sweaty sleep in Kreuzberg
Dry grass and a water park
Sun at 5am.

The one from the summer favorites: EATaly


Photographs of things I ate, and market ingredients I gawked at while on our 10 day trip through EATaly (Treviso, Verona, Quinto Vincentino, Venezia, Firenze, Siena, Cinque Terre and Bologna). I knew I was a real Italian when our friend Matteo’s mom, Nilla, asked what we wanted for dinner the next night before having a chance to clear the table after a four course meal.

Simple dishes, few but very fresh ingredients, and so much flavor.

The one with Memorial Day in Prague


Traditionally one of my favorite Monday’s, along with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and on select years Cesar Chavez Day (depending when Cal Poly chose to observe it). This year, I worked and ate Singapore style noodles for dinner. I mixed leftover barbecue chicken that wasn’t even barbecued, just sauced, into the noodles—about the closest to Memorial Day happiness I got.

the one with the half-meter-o-sausage


Beer, sausage, sausage, beer, beer, sausage—pretty typical Czech fare. The Czech Beer Festival came to Prague for its 3rd year. Four gigantic white tents, carnival rides, beer from around the Czech Republic, beer-ladies on roller blades, sausage, glow stick glasses, Kansas-style-clouds (so I was told), and it’s a full blown fest. My ‘tastes’ consisted of half liter beers and a half-meter-o-sausage—it was giant, I shared.

the one with the mustache


Short lived, but it’ll be back.

The new beach phone?!

the one with the obsession:


Floral. Since the first of April, flowers have been slowly popping up all over the city—making it nearly one whole month that I’ve been that girl, creeping around trees and shoving my camera into all things floral. Luckily Francine (cam) isn’t allergic to pollen, dander or pets.

My obsession has transcended the world of living flora and broke out into the textile realm—causing me to purchase an obnoxiously loud floral garment of sorts—most definitely a blouse.

I don’t foresee this subsiding anytime soon, full bloom will peak late May—I’ve seen plenty of floral prints to keep my attention.